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As of March 25 2010 I’m starting a new theme on this blog. I posted the below as the first post for the new theme and it makes sense to include it on this About page.

I’ve not posted anything new in a very long time. I’m still cooking all the time — it’s the one thing I’m able to do and love with some consistency these days.

I’ve not said so very directly on this blog but I’ve been chronically ill for a long time. I will not go into details but diet and real whole food has been part of my strategy for getting better.

I am slowly getting better. I’ve gone from being bedridden for over a year to slowly getting up and being able to do more and more. While I was mostly bedridden I still managed to cook a bit. I did simple things and had my husband prep everything. I would get up and toss things together with the right spices etc and go lay down and my husband would wrap it up.

As I got better I started doing all the cooking and getting into more and more complicated things…only some of my experiments are on the blog.

Now I’m going to change gears on this blog. I’m going to start doing the GAPS diet. This is a HEALING diet…NOT a weight loss diet. (update — GAPS lasted a couple of years and I learned a lot…have moved on to other healing diets now but incorporated what worked for me…as I learn more and more I develop my own personal optimal diet rather than dogmatically following someone elses)

I have radical and many food sensitivities. Again, I’m not going to share all the details now but as I learn how to cook new foods and see if I start to get better or not I will perhaps share more of my history.

I will learning to ferment foods (veggies and dairy) and making lots of bone broths. (I ended up discovering I had a severe histamine intolerance...I no longer eat fermented foods)

I will be learning a whole new way of cooking and eating and being.

I continue to learn and evolve. This is an adventure that is ever-changing.

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