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Making sauerkraut AND Day 6 – GAPS diet, things are remaining improved

April 16, 2011

I’ve been able to leave the house daily, run multiple errands and cook a whole lot for 7 days straight. Improvement started about 2 weeks ago after having eliminated allergens first for a few days. This is phenomenal. Before this stint of 7 days I hadn’t been able to leave the house more than a couple of times a month for a long time and before that I was housebound and even bed bound. I’m getting better and now it’s happening with more sustainability it seems.

I’m still very sick by most people’s standards. I’m so tired in the afternoons after doing so much more in the mornings that I’m pretty much inert and flu-ish once 1 pm hits. I also go to bed between 7 pm and 8 pm. I hope that will change soon too. The fact remains the improvement is astonishing so I’m happy!

Thought I’d share a picture and a bit of info about making sauerkraut today.


To the right in that photo is mature sauerkraut I actually made many months ago. I’m adding the probiotic liquid to my diet rignt now, but not the cabbage. Everything is added very slowly and one starts with the juices. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been into learning to eat this way for a while and I didn’t know I was actually preparing to do this diet!

So the cabbage in the middle is shredded and salted and will be packed into the jars to the left to ferment.

Clearly the sauerkraut on the right was made with a red cabbage and the one in the middle is green cabbage. It’s all good for sauerkraut. Also the one on the right was sliced on the “dice” feature of the food processor and the green one is actually shredded. I prefer the red diced one and forgot that is what I did the first time. Either is fine for sauerkraut, it’s just personal preference. Once can slice it all up with a knife as well.

Once it’s very liberally salted with sea salt it sits a bit and then is packed very hard into the jars until its own juices are covering the cabbage. If there is not quite enough juice to cover the cabbage you can make a brine with a cup of water and a tablespoon of salt and cover the cabbage with that.

Cabbage naturally has all the good healthy bacteria that is needed to make sauerkraut. The cabbage needs to NOT be exposed to air and needs to be weighted down with a small jar filled with water or some other sort of weight. People do all sorts of different things.

It then simply needs to sit at room temperature for at least a week but maybe more depending on the temperature of the room. A cool room will take longer than a warmer room. One can’t really over ferment so there isn’t much to worry about. Once it’s fermented it will keep in the refrigerator for months! And it’s REALLY good.

If you have more questions about how it’s done there is lots of info online and on youtube you can watch it being done in many various ways.

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  1. Susan permalink
    April 16, 2011 8:15 am

    Its great to hear you are feeling better and I’m enjoying reading about your progress and learnings!

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