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Nori fish wrap

December 12, 2012

nori monica cassani gianna kaliOne of my favorite foods I’ve added to my diet since concentrating on healing foods are various kinds of seaweed. I have two favorites that I use a lot. I love wakami which I toss into broth and various soups quite often. It grows over 30 times it’s dehydrated size so it’s also very economical along with just plain delicious.

The second seaweed I eat a lot of is nori. Nori is the stuff sushi comes wrapped in. It comes in sheets that can be used as a wrap so I use it instead of bread for sandwich like foods. I also take plain sheets and brush them lightly with olive oil and a bit of salt and eat them just like that…they’re crunchy and delicious. A great tasty and nutrient dense snack.

Today I made guacamole, fish wraps.

nori with guacamoleHere are the steps I took. I first made guacamole. I mashed two avocados with:

● 1/8 of a finely diced onion

● juice of half a lemon

● salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste

● Then I mixed in a bunch of finely chopped cilantro.

That’s it. Very easy and quick guacamole. You can add hot sauce or tomatoes and jalepenos…whatever  you like really.

Then I baked a few pieces of white fish. I believe it was flounder. Tilapia would work well too.

I put the guacamole onto two sheets of nori (one will do fine, too. I just really like nori and it’s so GOOD for you too)

Then I rolled it up.

nori guacamole fishnori fish wrap

Nice, simple lunch that tastes good and packs a nutritional punch.


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