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Apple, caramelized onion and ginger chutney

February 12, 2014

A recipe in tweets.

I announced what I was cooking in a tweet:

apple, carmelized onion and ginger chutney currently cooking on stove…

Someone requested the recipe and so I tweeted the following:

recipe: it’s really yummy…eating it now…as a main course actually…I made it up on the fly…I’ll do my best with a recipe

3 large apples, one large red onion (sliced thin and caramelized first in ghee) sliced up the apples and added them next

added a quarter cup of water let it come to furious boil and then turned it down to simmer for 15 minutes.

oh…I also added a tsp of nigella sativa seeds and grated some fresh ginger in before simmering

when it was all soft I smashed up the apples a bit…and added 1 tsp of salt (or whatever you need to taste)

served it topped with hemp seeds…and a bit more ghee.

That’s really how I cook…things just kind of happen on the fly. This turned out very nice and I will be repeating it.


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